Hannah Montana and the secret life of Wigs!

Hannah Montana is a television series about an average teenage girl, Miley Stewart, played by Miley Cyrus, who lives a seemingly normal life. Her secret life is as a pop singer, Hannah Montana, is kept secret from the public and only her close friends and family know. The way the character Miley Stewart character conceals her identity as Hannah Montana is with a wig! She dons a blonde, “rock star” wig when she’s Hannah Montana. Interestingly, many women wear wigs to portray another part of themselves, whether that other part is a rockstar, fashion diva, or just a different fun look. Later in the series Mliey’s best friend, Lilly, adopts an alter ego, Lola, who like Hannah Montana wear’s different wigs to conceal her true identity. Wigs and trying on a new look are all over this series!

With the extreme popularity of this show, you can find Hannah Montana wigs for kids! Children play sets come with wigs so that your child can be like Miley Stewart and have the “best of both worlds”, both a rock star life and a normal kid life.

There are a lot of stigmas associated with wearing a wig, which makes many women uncomfortable about openly admitting they wear a wig. Although Miley Stewart is not wearing a wig for medical reasons, her wig-wearing is a secret, which many wig wearers can relate to. I really enjoy that a popular children’s television series embraces and makes wig wearing acceptable.

This clip of the Hannah Montana pilot shows Miley Stewart’s secret identity being revealed to her friend Lilly.

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