Rene of Paris 2011

Rene of Paris strives to create wigs that “when viewed from any direction will look natural and be ready to wear”. With so many different wigs and wig brands to choose from, what sets Rene of Paris out from the rest is how modern, and fashionable these styles are. These wigs look like a new, exciting new hair cut, rather than just another wig.
Rene of Paris has a wide variety of wigs styles and gradient colors “for the many different-shaped faces of today’s active woman”.
Within Rene of Paris there are two other wonderful collections, Amore and Noriko. The Noriko wig line is the original Noriko line that has been in successful existence for over 15 years.

Here are some of Rene of Paris’s newest styles. View: Alex, Laine and Jade

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  1. wigtrendz says:

    Sounds good and look lovely it shows the beauty in it.It show how modern the hairstyle,Excellent job and thank you for sharing your work.

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