DIY Wigs

Last weekend, while doing some laundry at the laundromat, I witnessed two women making a wig. Yes, that’s right, making a wig. It certainly wasn’t a wig the caliber you would find on any online store, or the delicate quality of a handmade, custom celebrity wig, but it was a wig none the less.
One woman was sitting with a base-cap on, posing as the model and wearer of the wig, while the other woman stood behind her handling long strips of reddish brown straight hair. She carefully would wrap each strip of hair around the head, pin it, look at it, make an adjustment and then glue it to the cap. It became very apparent that this wasn’t the first time she had made a wig, as her confidence and precision for her creation was obvious. I found this process to be quite fascinating to watch, as well as amazed with the notion of deciding one day- Hey I want a new hair style, I’m going to go glue myself a wig.

Although this kind of wig was not something I would feel confident and comfortable wearing out, I will say that the finished result of this wig was impressively wearable. From watching this laundromat craft take place before my eyes, I decided to do a little research about the creation of DIY wigs.

There are kits out there to make your own wig by punching little holes and knotting strands of hair through a skin toned cap. These kits resemble a more professional made wig. Each grouping of hair is hand tied to the cap of the wig. I found a site offering instructional videos for creating Men’s hair pieces with this technique. I also watched a few amateur videos showing the technique I witnessed at the Laundromat. This process is far less professional, and seems to work for some people, but seems a little too precarious to me personally.

To conclude, if you are seeking quality, purchasing a wig is definitely your best bet, something’s should be kept to the professionals! But if you are interested in trying your hand a craft, an art, or even just a rainy day project, do it, and show us what you’ve made!

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