La Vie Wigs By Noriko Suzuki

Noriko Suzuki, well known in the alternative hair industry for stylish and quality wigs, is now designing exclusively for La Vie Wigs. For many years Ms Noriko Suzuki has designed the very successful Noriko line for Rene of Paris, but she has now joined forces with La Vie Hair, where she will be able participate in more aspects of the business including production and quality control. And this will certainly benefit, you!

This new and stunning collection of Noriko wigs exhibit cutting-edge styling with a natural look – and there are a variety of cap constructions available, from monofilament top to soft lace front. View the complete La Vie Collection, here on
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2 Responses to La Vie Wigs By Noriko Suzuki

  1. Debbie says:

    I just received my first LaVie wig and am so happy with it. The styling is fresh and current. I am very impressed with the color. It is rich and organic with enough hi/lo lights to keep it very natural in appearance. I will be ordering again! Thank you for bringing the selection to your site.

  2. Maria says:

    Um, I know for a FACT Britney suffers from the same prboelms .. When you wear extensions and dye your hair as much as they do, it happens! Since I’ve been dying my hair, my hair, while not in clumps, falls out a bit at a time!! But, the fact that I take care of it and that I don’t do it all the time helps and keeps it from falling out!! You can’t even tell that it falls out because it’s like I’m shedding .a few strands at a time, but it NEVER happened until I started dying it! Fact is, whenever you do as much to their hair as they do, it’s BOUND to happen!