The 2011 Fringe

Another look that is appearing quite frequently is the Fringe. Fringe is a more wide spread name for what North Americans refer to as Bangs. This look is very reminiscent of the 70s. The Fringe look can be paired with different lengths of hair. The Fringe Bang, is a pretty popular look as well as Bangs with medium length and long hair. This look is with long sweeping bangs that just cover the eyebrows. Straight fringe is being paired with very layered shaggy cuts. Remember this look is all about the keeping things natural looking, whether you like the grundgey messy look or the sleek straight look.

If you’re looking to experiment with this style, when having a hair dresser cut bangs for you, make sure you specify which kind of bangs you want – straight across bangs, feathered fringe or face framing fringe. Most wigs come with longer bangs so that your stylist can trim them to your liking. Also some high end wigs do not come with fringe cut at all so that your stylist can customize the wig for you. And remember with a wig you don’t have to worry about cowlicks getting in the way of creating your fantasy fringe!

Some Wig styles that fit this look, or you can modify slightly to better fit your style are:

If you just want to add fringe to a look you already have check out Jessica Simpsons Fringe look by HairDo:

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