New Envy Styles on!

2011 Envy

Envy wigs has introduced a number of new styles this year. Twelve new styles in the Spring and 5 new styles, Aubrey, Danielle, Heather, Kylie, and Lynsey, featuring their latest in heat friendly fiber technology. With a unique blend of 30% human hair and 70% synthetic fiber, the designers at Envy wigs have developed a high tech alternative to human hair products. The new heat friendly fiber allows you to use most heat appliances up to 210 degrees C enabling you to style your wig however and whenever you wish. With moisture-controlled properties these fibers keep your style looking great all day. You can brush, style and comb with ease. Envy heat friendly hair behaves naturally while maintaining the feel and texture of human hair.

New Heat Friendly Wigs From Envy
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