Katy Perry’s Ever-changing Hair

Changing hair style, color and cut comes with the territory of being a celebrity. Fashion magazines and websites love to comment on different famous personalities are their ever morphing do-s.
Since Katy Perry’s rise to fame her ever changing hair styles have been on our radar.

Her most recent decision to dye her locks candy pink has gotten the fashion media talking about her. From long and straight shaggy black hair to a short wavy pink cutesie do is a big extreme! Katy Perry’s messy shag from 2007 is here on the right- see the drastic change from this look to her now cleaner pop-image of her on the left.

She continues to change styles to fit different periods in her life. From hair cuts to dye to wigs even!

There are so many famous photos of her in wigs from her “California Gurls” video. She has made colored wigs more popular and more mainstream. Here, an obvious display of extension, Katy Perry is not afraid to try out all hair options for fashion!

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