“The Dior of Hair Dressing”

…Vidal Sassoon
When most women hear this name they think – shampoo. conditioner. hair products.

But before all of the products, there was a man who revolutionized hair styling, cutting and really changed the way women look on the outside. He is known for creating simple, geometric hair cuts that gave women low maintenance hair cuts that didn’t require constant upkeep at a salon. He is the man holding the pair of scissors behind the updated bob cut, also known as the 5 point bob, which changed the look of modern hair.

Despite his fame, Vidal Sassoon came from incredibly humble beginnings. He was raised by his single Jewish mother during the depression and due to circumstances she was forced to put him into an orphanage. They remained very close and when he was wold enough to leave the orphanage she encourage him to pursue hairdressing.
Good thing she did! Throughout the 50′s he began to really find himself and his style. By the 60s his, 5 point cut really defined womens hair of the decade.

In the 1980s Vidal Sassoon sold his name to manufacture hair products. He remained associated with the hair products until 2004.
Although Vidal is no longer associated with the hair product lines which bare his name, his impact on the women’s hair industry is prolific.

A documentary was produced in 2010 about Vidal Sassoon. You can watch interviews with the man himself and learn about his influential career. It is currently on Netflix as a “Watch It Now” film.

To get a little taste here is the trailer!

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