Bald Barbie

A campaign for Beautiful Bald Barbie started hitting the news in the beginning of 2012. Founders Jane Bingham and Beckie Sypin are hoping to urge toy company, Mattel to create a  bald barbie for children  who are suffering from hair loss diseases. A custom one of a kind bald barbie created for a 4 year old cancer sufferer was the initial inspiration of this campaign.

photo credit: Jane Bingham
The campaign’s goal is pretty obvious, to promote awareness and understanding as well as giving children with hairloss a doll they can relate to. Through the use of social media outlets the supporters of Beautiful Bald Barbie have been successful at getting their message and their support recognized by Mattel. Facebook and have been crucial turning points. With so many public supporters, Mattel announced in at the end of March 2012 that a friend of Barbie would be created, a bald friend. The imagined doll will have accessories catering specifically to women who are bald, hats, scarves and wigs. Barbie with hair you can change sounds pretty fun to me! This new fashion doll will be released in 2013 to hospitals treating children with cancer and other diseases in the US and Canada.

It is very exciting that these bald friends of Barbie will be released into the world however they will not be sold in toy stores. abcnews reports: “Mattel now says that it made the “decision not to sell these dolls at retail stores and profit from them, but rather more directly and immediately get these into the hands of children who can most benefit from a play experience with these dolls.”” I hope that Mattel chooses to sell these dolls in toy stores as well, because it would help bring awareness to more people, and more children who are not directly affected by hairloss. If I were a child I would want a Bald Barbie! I love that you can change her hair along with her clothes!

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