Katie Couric and Why Hair Rules our Lives

In September 2012, Katie Couric featured a story about why “Hair Rules our Lives”!

Katie Couric shares with us that through doing some of her own research she has discovered:
91% claim to have an issue with their hair to the extent that many women will take their dream hair permanently over IQ points!

What would you want?

Linda Welles, editor in chief of allure magazine responds with the observation that many fairy tales and mythology mentions women and their hair. There seems to be a long existing connection between beautiful, strong, and/or powerful women and their sexy long luscious hair.
In the age we live in, with all of the different kinds of product, and styling techniques that perhaps “We live under a myth that we can change the hair we have to the hair we want.”
Is this just a myth?
Tippi Shorter, Celebrity stylist chimes in that our media shows us celebrities who seem to always have amazing, shiny full hair, which we cannot help but admire and strive for. Most people realize that celebrity hair is as beautiful often due to some kind of alteration- extensions, wigs, product.

To help de-mystify the myth of getting the hair we want, Tippi Shorter explains that many women feel frustrated about their hair and the product they choose due to a lack of knowledge about the hair they have. This can result in purchasing product that will not give them the results they desire given the hair they actually have. Knowledge of the kind of hair you have, what you’d like to achieve and the product that is out there is key for having hair dream success.

Kaite talks about extensions
Tippi Shorter, a celebrity hair stylist, demonstrates the use of extensions. All of the extension on the show are Hair-Do! Tippi explains how clip in bangs are a great way for women to temporarily have or try out the shag or bang look, without having to maintain the bangs. For women with wavy or curly hair, maintaining bangs can be troublesome, where as clip in bangs are pretty easy.
Another tid bit of information that Tippi shares is that synthetic hair is not only expensive than human hair but also synthetic hair is a little easier to style. She emphasizes that synthetic hair is “wash and go” which is very easy to manage!
Katie models a “halo” extension. This extension clips in under the top section of your hair around your head. This extension gives you more body and length. See these Hair do extensions that are similar to what Katie tried on and loved!

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