More Designs from Estetica

Ginnifer, Elisabeth and Finna are NEW wigs from Estetica and will be available for purchase in Late February! Danni is also a new but available NOW! In the meantime you can scope these styles and determine if these synythetic, front lace line wigs are for you. These styles have customary FREE shipping and speedy delivery(about one week delivery time)!

What is so special about a Front Lace Line Wig? Well, Front Lace Line Wigs have a transparent extra thin lace film that contours to your forehead without the use of tape or glue. This kind of wig front gives you an easy, comfortable and natural look.

Synthetic wigs are easy to care for and maintain their shape and texture quite well. Understanding the fibers of your wig and how to care for it can help prolong the life of a wig. View our care instructions for first time wig buyers here!

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