Four Beautiful Women in Brooklyn…Who are also Bald

Just a couple of days ago published this article : Four Women Bond Over the Beauty in Their Baldness. It’s frank and witty and a great read! These four women would be considered brave by most for barring their baldness unabashedly. All of these women were diagnosed with alopecia universalis at various points in their lives, struggled with being public about it and have chosen to go about their lives without covering their heads- no bandannas and no wigs.

Photographed by Yana Paskova for the NYtimes

Photographed by Yana Paskova for the NYtimes

New York City is a unique place to live in the sense that bald women are not the strangest thing on the street! The author of this article is one of the four women meeting in a Brooklyn bar and writes that all of them have been mistaken for one another at some point in the NYC lives and yet haven’t all met until now! Although being a bald woman may make one stand out in a crowd, in NYC that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Compliments and affirmations from other women on the street or being approached as someone powerful and important, certainly isn’t a bad way to be interpreted by the world.

At we do sell and advertise wigs based on their comfort for women who have alopecia however, we love that these women are confident with literally wearing their insecurities publicly and choose to go about their lives wig-free!

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