Introducing Jon Renau’s CHOCOLATE collection!

Jon Renau developed a new color collection of delicious sounding wig colors! The even cooler part is that these colors are based on consumer demand!
Jon Renau’s Chocolate Collection brings together a delectable palette of four vibrant, new brunette options: Salted Caramel, Toffee Truffle, Midnight Cocoa, and Chocolate Cherry!

**The official launch is February 1st 2016! BUT you can pre order with on Friday the 29th!**

slide-jr-02-16 jr-chocolate-collection-4-models

These new fabulous colors will be available in 12 best-selling styles from our Smartlace and HD wig collections:

· Zara Chocolate Cherry / Salted Caramel / Toffee Truffle

· Alessandra Midnight Cocoa

· Julianne Midnight Cocoa /Toffee Truffle

· Scarlett Chocolate Cherry

· Kristen Chocolate Cherry /Salted Caramel

· Gisele Salted Caramel

· Victoria Midnight Cocoa

· Annette Midnight Cocoa / Salted Caramel /Toffee Truffle

· Elizabeth Salted Caramel

· Ignite Chocolate Cherry /Toffee Truffle

· Drew Toffee Truffle

· Heat Midnight Cocoa

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