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Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament Wigs

Welcome to ElegantWigs monofilament wigs page. For your convenience, this monofilament wigs display is organized by brand and by style. Click an image to view more details.

Monofilament cap constructions range from Monofilament Top, Monofilament Top With 100% Hand Tied Base, Double Monofilament Top, Double Monofilament Top with Lace Front, Monofilament Crown, to Monofilament Part Line.

Learn more about monofilament cap constructions and why they is so popular.

The wig shown above is Sky by Ellen Wille.

The wig shown at the right is Sky by Ellen Wille. specializes in the highest quality monofilament wigs from the top designers, with the guaranteed best price, plus free shipping on all wigs.

Below you will find our selection of All 867 Monofilament Wigs .

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Sunflower by TressAllure

Double Monofilament Top
Violet by TressAllure

Double Monofilament Top
Zinnia by TressAllure

Double Monofilament Top with Lace Front
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There are 867 Monofilament Wigs on display.
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What is a Monofilament Cap?

Monofilament cap construction is the preferred choice for those who want the most natural look and hair movement. In addition, many women who wear wigs for medical reasons wear mono-top wigs because this type of cap construction is more comfortable for sensitive scalps.

Regardless of whether a wig is made from synthetic fibers or human hair, the monofilament cap construction is the same. In a standard wig cap the hair strands are sewn into strips of fabric called "wefts" and attached to the cap so that the hair is forced into a particular direction to create the style desired. In the monofilament cap area, each and every hair is individually inserted into the monofilament cap and hand-tied so that it comes straight out of the mesh. This unique method allows each strand of hair to move freely in any direction. Thus the monofilament cap allows more freedom when styling your wig and creates a more natural looking scalp appearance.

Due to the labor intensive method that is used to make monofilament wigs, they are more expensive than standard wig caps that feature machine sewn wefts. A basic rule of thumb is: "the smaller the monofilament area, the less expensive the wig".

Below are the descriptions of the most common types of monofilament caps.

Monofilament Top With 100% Hand Tied Base:
This cap features monofilament in the top area and a 100% hand tied base, resulting in the most natural looking hair movement for the entire wig and the versatility of amazing off-the-face styling.

Monofilament Top:
This cap features monofilament in the top area, front to back, providing comfort and the look of natural scalp while allowing the flexibility of parting the hair on the left or the right or in the center.

Double Monofilament Top:
Since the knots where the fibers / hair are individually tied into the cap of a mono-top wig may cause irritation, the double monofilament top wig has an extra layer of monofilament to protect people with sensitive scalps.

Monofilament Crown :
This cap features monofilament in the crown area where the hair goes in multiple directions. This creates more hair "lift" in the crown area and a more natural scalp appearance where the hair separates.

Monofilament Part / Part Line:
This cap features monofilament in the part area, again, to create a more natural appearance of the scalp, and allowing the wig to be worn with a conventional part or the popular zigzag part featured in many of the latest styles.

Typically, when you examine monofilament wigs, the monofilament construction is only on the crown while the sides and back of the cap is made with a standard wefted construction. However, 100% hand-tied monofilament wigs have the entire cap, including the sides and back, completely constructed with breathable mesh and all of the hair is hand-tied to the cap. 100% hand-tied monofilament wigs are the best quality synthetic or human hair wigs available. Consequently, 100% hand-tied monofilament wigs cost the most.

At ElegantWigs we're working hard to be your #1 wig store choice for monofilament wigs. With our exceptionally large selection of monofilament wigs, as well as free shipping and the lowest price guarantee, ElegantWigs makes shopping for monofilament wigs easy anytime from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days weeks with just a few clicks of your mouse. Compare to our competitors and you will find that is the monofilament wigs store for you!

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