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E-Wigs.com is Now ElegantWigs.com

E-Wigs.com is Now ElegantWigs.com



Our company has moved to a new domain with a new name ElegantWigs.com.

The "E" in ElegantWigs always stood for Elegant, Exceptional, Extraordinary and with our new name we are continuing to offer our customers the same elegant wigs with the same excellent service.

If you have booked marked ElegantWigs.com, it will now redirect you to elegantwigs.com.


Background Story

Many of our customers are already aware that there are a large number of Chinese companies selling counterfeit wigs on the web using images they have stolen from US wig designers. This has been extremely problematic for us at ElegantWigs.com because several of these Chinese companies are using a variation of our name as their web url address and homepage identity, in order to confuse customers and benefit from our good reputation. The two Chinese scam sites that have hurt us the most are ewigsna.com dba ewigs and ewigs.uk.co dba ewigs. Notice that there is no hyphen in their names. A high number of our newest customers seemed to return to these Chinese sites by mistake because they would forget to include the HYPHEN in E-Wigs.com when they did a Google search to re-engage, thus ending up at the Chinese sites rather than our site.

The Chinese counterfeit wigs are very inexpensive compared to the product from the US wig designers that we sell. The Chinese prices are about half, but their scam is the perfect example of, “you get what you pay for”. The wigs have been constructed based upon photographs, so the actual cap measurements are incorrect, the hair quality is terrible, and the color is way off.

When a duped purchaser tries to return the shoddy wig to ewigna dba EWigs, she is told to ship the wig back to the returns department which is China – at a cost of $50 and more! The only way out for U.S., Australian, or European consumers is to file a chargeback with their credit card company against ewigsna stating that the product displayed online is not the same as the product received.

Meanwhile, the consumer advocacy site, PissedConsumer.com, has received dozens of complaints about ewigsna.com. But even PissedConsumer got swept up in the customers’ confusion by mistakenly posting our ElegantWigs logo and our phone number on some of the ewigsna.com complaints they received. This error on the part of PissedConsumer.com reinforced and compounded even further the confusion between our company’s name and the Chinese sites.

To alert visitors, we posted a link on our ElegantWigs website explaining the counterfeit wig problem and giving people information about getting a refund. Here is our ElegantWigs link explaining the details: http://www.elegantwigs.com/beware.php

We have worked very hard to inform Google and PayPal about these counterfeit activities. We even contacted US Customs to see if we could get help. The answers from all these companies/agencies were very disappointing for us.

Our company has accumulated over two hundred pages of consumer contact information that shows the customer confusion between ElegantWigs and ewigsna. But it appears that as long as a “business” pays Google for ads and pays PayPal for credit card processing, it can pretty much make any false product representations it wants or so it seems in our experience to be the case.

Our conclusion was that our hyphenated domain name, E(hyphen)Wigs.com, ElegantWigs.com had become a big disadvantage in trying to fight back against these counterfeiters. Although we are sad to say goodbye to the name ElegantWigs, our company remains the same. We are just moving to a new domain with a new name ElegantWigs. If you have booked marked ElegantWigs.com, it will now redirect you to elegantwigs.com

With a new name and a new domain, elegantwigs.com, we hope to put this frustrating experience behind us. After all, “E” is for “Elegant” and that is exactly what we are offering our customers: elegant wigs with excellent service.

Thanks for listening to our story. We are looking forward to serving you at elegantwigs.com.

We appreciate your business,
Michael, Joey, Marty, Janice & the tech team

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