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Combing Your Wig

Combing Your Wig

One of the most important things you can do to keep your wig looking fresh and new is to master the art of combing. Since wig fibers do not have the benefit of natural oils to keep them healthy and lustrous, the procedure of care is a little different from natural hair. But don't worry it's not complicated! Follow the basics, then fine tune your technique for your unique style, and you'll be out the door, looking great, in no time!

The Fundamentals

Keeping things as gentle as possible is key to extending the life of your hairpieces. This applies to anything you do with your wig's washing, combing, styling, storing. Take your time, and treat it lovingly.

Brittaney by Envy Wigs.

It may be tempting to run that comb straight from the roots downward, but that action can cause the fibers to stretch and break especially if you run into a snag. Instead, begin from the tips and work your way, section by section, up the length of the hair.

Bobbi by Envy Wigs.

A combing routine on the days you wear your wig is crucial to avoiding unsightly tangles. Pay special attention to areas of friction, such as the nape of the neckline, where tangles most readily occur.

It is best to comb your wig while it's dry, but a little spritz of wig detangler can add a helpful amount of slipperiness when working through the strands, especially if they have begun to tangle. Apply it lightly to each area as you work your way through the wig, and then allow it to air dry. Detangling spray can also deliver moisture to the strands and help with static.

Always use a wide-tooth comb when grooming your wig. NEVER use a fine comb. These will ensure that your motions through the strands will not create undue stress or stretching, which can ruin your favorite styles in no time.
The three things that we think are most important for wig care are:
1) Wide-tooth comb
2) Wig Detangler
3) Wire wig stand

These and other wig care products are available on the ElegantWigs Accessories page.

Straight, curly, layered! Not all wigs are created equal, and there are a few tricks you can use to comb your wig so you maintain the integrity of its intended style.

Short styles are typically shake-and-wear. The shorter styles can be finger-combed, or we would recommend using a wide-tooth comb.
Longer styles are more easily tangled, especially the fibers that contact the back of your neck, or fall on your shoulders or back. Consequently, longer styles will need more combing, and may require combing several times during a day.

Heather by Envy Wigs.

Straight styles have an allure in their silky smoothness and sophisticated lines. You can keep them looking great by gently sectioning the hair into manageable areas and working through them one by one with a comb. When each section is finished, clip it up and out of the way before proceeding to the next.

Brooke by Envy Wigs.

Curly wigs demand a few more accommodations, but their playful attitude more than makes up for it. Ditch the comb and rely on your fingers to carefully work through the strands. If you have ringlets, take a few seconds to wind them in the proper direction on your finger, allowing them to rest and remember their shape. Tangles can occur more easily in curls, and working in smaller sections may be easier to navigate.

Kaitlyn by Envy Wigs.

Diva by Rene of Paris.

By following the fundamentals and upping your technique to fit your wig style, you can ensure your hair piece will have a longer life and look great each step of the way!

For more information about WIG CARE & REPAIR go to our ElegantWigs Wig Care & Repair page.


Envy Wigs contributed information to this page. Visit our Envy Wigs brand page for their newest styles.

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