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Here's What Our Customers Say About ElegantWigs

"Thank you so much for being so 'customer friendly'...........I won't shop any where else! I will surely recommend you to others." (Dawn G, Mississippi)
Excellent service. (Carol A, Great Britain)
Thanks for your prompt service! (Ellen H, Maryland)
The whole shopping experience with your company was excellent. A "Nordstrom" experience for sure. (Marsha A, Virginia)
Thanks for your attention to detail, for keeping me informed about my order via e-mail and for how quickly my order was processed. It was a pleasure doing business with you. (S.S. Pennsylvania)
Thank you for such a speedy process. (Melissa C, South Carolina)
thanks for the speedy shipping and the email updates (Brianna R, New Mexico)
I must say I'm impressed with your service!!! (Cynthia K, California)
Thankyou for your help and excellent customer service. I have messaged a few wig sites in the past and have never received an answer back from them!!! Great 2 see that your care (Maria C., Australia)
You are the BEST! What service..... at night even! (Angie M, New York)
Thanks for your awesome customer service, today. (Renee T, Washington)
Many thanks for your kind help, looking forward shopping with e-Wigs in future. (Jarmila M Czech Republic)
What a great experience shopping with e-Wigs. Everyone should be like you! (RD from New York)
I underwent chemotherapy this past summer, and this wig has restored my confidence to go out looks better than my original hair did but looks enough like how I used to wear it that a lot of people don't know and I don't feel self-conscious. Thank you, thank you! E-Wigs is terrific! (Rita M., Pennsylvania)
Thank you so much for your superb efforts! I cannot express how much these awesome wigs add to the quality of someone's life. (Carole D, Michigan)
Thanks for the great service E-Wigs provides (Lisa O, New Hampshire)
Thank you for getting this out to me so quickly. (Jill R, Florida)
Excellent service as usual (Marsha A, Virginia)
I love doing business with you! (Angie M, New York)
Thank you for such fast service!! You are amazing. (Rita Y, Maryland)
Thanks for your great service! (B.C., New Mexico)
Hi! I have gotten my wig & love it. Your company is just what I have been looking for. Thanks. Future return customer (Jane B, Oklahoma)
Yet again thanks for the great communication throughout this order.. I suffer from alopecia and help run a website in Britain for suffers, I will be recommending your website to all of my friends for the great service that you offer (Leanne B, Great Britain)
First of all I want to say Thank You for the e-mail.......Excellent Customer Service!!!!!! My order arrived today. I am VERY pleased with your company and I look forward to ordering from you again. A very satisfied first time customer, (Rebecca H, New Jersey)
Thank you so much. I received my wig Wednesday evening. I would like to thank you for all the time you spent describing colors and helping me make a decision. As it turns out, my choice is beautiful and exactly what I want. I also love the style of Joan. I will be returning the color samples you sent. They helped tremendously. (Anne C, Michigan)
Thank you so much for your quick responses and super fast service! (Erica G, WV)
Thank you for your kindness and the great customer service. (Nancy M, Florida)
You make it so easy for me to order off the internet because I do not have to search the web for other wig stores since you have the best prices and the best service. Thanks Again!!! (Elane S. Tennessee)
Thank you so much for the speedy service and delivery. It was delivered the day you said it would be. You guys are fast!!!!! (Lynne S, California)
I really like the personal touch in your business! (Julie C, USAF)
Thanks for your ultra speedy service and great communication. (Cheryl T, Pennsylvania)
Thanks again so much for all your help, and your excellent customer service. (Tawna D, Florida)
Just wanted to send you a note to express my thanks for the great service you have given me, nobody could have done more. (Jan C, Australia)
I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the quick shipping. I ordered on Thursday and I received my package on Monday! Great prices and free, fast shipping, I will definitely buy from you folks again. (Renee B, Wisconsin)
.... I have a wedding to attend this weekend, ... and I really need the piece. I started shopping on line 3 weeks ago. The first stop was WiIlshire Wigs, decent price they had the Always advertised for just dollars under what you showed (actually with my final discount YOU had the best on line price) with in 4 days they said it was back ordered with NO IDEA (you at least had a delivery date) of when they could ship. They did NOT offer to cancel my order. I had to do it. Next came Ace Wigs. They had the" Glamor" by Rachel Welch.....I was impressed, I wanted bangs...They confirmed my order, they did not contact me for days, I had expressed that this was urgent..they billed my credit card, I thought all was well and I would get a tracking I got a routine mass email about the color being out of stock and could I please pick something else. I tried to call, nothing, I left 2 messages NOTHING, 3 emails...........nothing. I want my credit card reimbursed...........N-O-T-H-I-N-G! By the time I got to you Marty I was desperate. There are no wig stores in my town at all.. the wedding is in 4 days..........I was desperate I tell you. So I found you all, with the Always in stock. I put it on order..with in HOURS you told me you had no stock, but you did inform me of delivery AND provided me with a number 2 choice, to ship today. So there you have it Marty, you did make my dream come true. When Ace Wigs reimburses my VISA I plan to buy a "Glamour" from your site. I promise. So publish these true words for your customers that may be wary of the industry. In an age of unsure and murky business at best, you have been a shining star! Also please forward this email to your supervisor. If I had a mail order business, your boss would need to find a replacement for you as I would steal you away! (Sammy D, East Coast)
I really appreciate the way you folks communicate with your buyers.. that's why I keep coming back. ;o) (Kathleen M, MA)
Appreciate the email udpate. You are great to do business with! (K.P. NV)
Excellent service--thanks!!! (Carol H, OH)
Received the wig last Friday, it is exactly what I was hoping for. The color and style are perfect. Thanks so much for your help and great service...God bless you. (Pat H, KY)
I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the quick shipping. I ordered on Thursday and I received my package on Monday! Great prices and free, fast shipping, I will definitely buy from you folks again. (Renee B, WI)
... I am going to recommend your website to other patients as I get my treatments. You really went the extra mile in helping me. Thank you for your excellent customer service. (Pam F, NM)
The wig is great. Very fast service. I am so happy with this purchase - have only taken it off to sleep. My other wigs are now "standby". Will probably order another from you before I go back to work. Thanks for this easy transaction. (Chris G, NJ)
Just to let you know, Nirvana arrived safely, with many thanks!!! I really appreciate your kind service and thanks to you I didn't have to pay any duty.I am quite thrilled about that. I'm extremely pleased with your "personal" service and will be back again later in the year for another Nirvana. Hope it doesn't get discontinued for a long time! With best wishes and have a great weekend, (Pam K, Canada)
Thank you for following up on this and I'm impressed that you actually do answer your emails, even when you are busy. Most companies don't bother. Thanks - I will be ordering Always shortly. Thanks! (Kathy W, KY)
Thanks for the great service! (Sharon I, WA)
I just wanted to let you know that I received my wig and I am thrill with it. It looks and feels so real. The color is perfect - so natural looking. Thanks so much for making my day. It was a pleasure doing business with you (Kathy W, KY)
Thank you for the prompt delivery and confirmation of shipment. (Sherry N, NY)
Thanks again for all your professionalism - you're a delight to work with and you can be sure you are the only one I will deal with for any wigs or wig products in the future. (Dorothy D, NY)
I got my order today and it is awesome! I wish I would have made all my other purchases with you. Thank you for your patience and your detailed support of helping me pick the right color which I did. Take care and rest assured, I will now just come straight to you. (Carol F, FL)
Enclosed is the color ring I purchased this week. I couldn't believe how fast this arrived! I've never had anything I ordered come that fast. Thank you so much. I did order a Raquel Welch 3/4 wig and would have never chosen the color I did online. The color ring was extremely helpful. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your service (Tammy W, WA)
thank you so much.....Have ordered from you before and am so delighted with my purchase and your service...thanks again... (Paula, MA)
hi thank you for the great service and the wonderful price on the wig i rec. i will be ordering from you again when needed..again ,many thanks to all of you... (Kathy E, OH)
Thank you very much. I continue to buy from you guys, as the other sites are no where near as accommodating and customer service oriented as you are. I have bought a couple of wigs from you in the midst of my cancer therapy and I will continue to do so AND recommend you to all of my friends. Thank you for 'being here', and keep up the good, personalized work! I appreciate it. (Pam A, FL)
I just wanted to let you know that I actually received the extension on Friday! It looks great. You guys really do have the best prices, and really fast (free) shipping. I will be spreading the word on my good experience with your company! (Jessie G, NJ)
I just wanted to let you know I love the wig. I sent back the color ring today through USPS and I just wanted to send you a big thank you. I have not taken it off yet except to shower and sleep. Your company has great service and outstanding prices. thanks again (Christine M)
Please add my gratitude to your site! I lead & am part of a group of folks who have had bariatric surgery... and along with the miracles of the inner and outer transformations which take place, there is usually a loss of hair--- a "loss" that can take away from the other physical miracles happening. Several of us have found wigs to be that "glorious topping" on the "cake of our successes", since it feels as if, with our new head of hair, we are signaling to the world that we are choosing to reclaim 20 years of wellness, become healthier than ever before in our lives, and are able to look fabulously vibrant and attractive while doing it! I will be sending your site on to my "tummy sisters" to add to the magic of the new chapters they are choosing to create. Thank you, again, for shipping my new wig immediately after I ordered it! I want you to know how eager those of us ordering our "new hair" are to receive our fresh, new look! Bless you again for your efforts. You are enhancing many lives, (Carol D, MI)
Your customer service is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I ordered my color wheel on Thursday and received it on Monday exactly when you said it would arrive. I am only on step one and already you have answered all my questions and explained the entire process in a personable manner which is really rare these days. I have picked out my color, thanks to the loaner program which helps us save money since other companies require you to pay for the wheel. which gets very pricey, thanks so much for offering that to your customers I am so happy there is a company like yours so shopping for a wig is made simple. Thank you so much and I know I will be a returning customer. (Sylvia R, NY)
I wanted you to know I recieved the beautiful wig right on time and also how happy you made my daughter xxxxx...she had lost her hair due to medical reasons and decided at the last moment she wanted one for all the upcoming holidays and her birthday...she was very suprised she got it with in the week. It made my heart melt to see her smile with confidence once again. Happy Holidays, (Carla C, NY)
Thank you so much for the quick processing, discount and extras you added to my order! My 15 year old daughter (who uses the wig) will be thrilled to get it so quickly. She was looking forward to wearing it back to school after the Thanksgiving break but now she can wear it to dinner. Thank you for making her holiday! I look forward to receiving everything and will definitely recommend you to friends and family. (Jennifer G, NJ)
Thank you! I love how personal your company is! great service :) (Carry P, CA)
Thank you soooo much for everything. You have been wonderful to work with and I would recommend you to others. (Lisa A, MD)
Thanks so much for your personal attention to my order tonight. As promised, here is a link to a website where I found many people singing your praises. I had read others over the past few weeks, but did not bookmark them. They ran the gamut from women's hair loss groups, to just fashion wig wearers, to female impersonators forums, and man of them referenced your company, and you personally- in a very positive light. Most forums which discuss this topic understandably do not allow the Google bot to crawl their discussion forums, so you won't be able to just google your company name and your name to find these posts. I found a bunch of great reviews for your company while searching for user reviews about the Revlon "Simply Beautiful" wigs. Not only were your prices well below the average e-tailer's prices, but your specific helpfulness and customer service really made a difference to many of the women (and men) writing about buying their wig(s), and that is why I called you. Thanks again for your help tonight, (Julia L, CT)
Received the Nadia today love it thanks for the great service I will definitely use your company again fast and professional (Kathy M)
thanks again you are the best and it is a pleasure to keep doing business with you ... (Susan T, NY)
My hair fell out from chemotherapy so many times that it finally stopped growing back about 20 years ago so I buy wigs on a pretty regular basis. I will definitely shop with you again! And I will tell others about your site (Deb B, NC)
Thanks for the info! I look fwd to doing business with you again and will tell my friends what great customer service! (Renee L, WI)
I love my wig and your services were the best thanks again!! (Stephanie B, TX)
This is my first time ordering with you. I love your service and prices. I’ll be back every month to shop more! Thanks so much for the great customer service, (Lisa W, CA)
Wow Marty, I am impressed with your customer service!! (Michelle P, MD)
The Sharon arrived and my wife is beyond thrilled! She said she is so impressed with the quality and can't wait to show off her new look. We want to thank you for all of your help and attention to detail to make this such a wonderful ordering experience. Ever since she became ill, it has become increasingly difficult to find a reliable company to do business with that carries styles she prefers. My wife says you have restored her faith and she will definitely be shopping with you again. (MH, AZ)
.just wanted to let you know I recieved my order on Friday afternoon........I absolutely love it...and the service is fantastic...thank you soooo much guys!!!!! (Paula M, MA)
Thanks so much. Got it Monday already! Thanks for the discount also :) Wig is gorgeous - I should send you a pic, I never got so many compliments. Thanks for the awesome experience, for taking your time to explain this type of wig to me and for the speedy shipping. I will definitely do business with you again and I will be sure to spread the word. Thanks again!!!!!!! (Kim B, OH)
I received my Sonya wig today and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. I love the color and style. I am a redhead and tried to get my own color which is very hard to do with red hair. I lost all my hair due to cancer , I have bought several wigs in the last year and this is my favorite. I will definitely buy from here in the future .. Thank you.. (Karen J, OH)
I received your email and I am very grateful and impressed with your customer care. I definitely will be ordering from you again. (Denise G, PA)
My name is Sherry and I have to just take a minute and let you know how impressed I was with your company.... Most of all of Michael.. One of your employees. I called him on Friday in a absolutely crazed state and need some immediate help with purchasing a wig for one of my dearest clients that has been battling cancer for only a very short time. They moved up her chemo and the regiment is a tough one and she is projected to loose her hair within the week.. I unfortunately had ordered a wig for her from another company and they waited a week to let me know it was on back order... I was devastated... And hysterical to say the least... I was up all night looking for something to get here quick, I promised her she would have the wig here before her hair came out.. she means the world to me and I couldn't not make my end of the deal.. so I came across your company that night and clicked in all my favorites and made sure it was all ready so I could call in the morning.. I called and there was Michael MY HERO!!! I can't tell you in words how this person which whom I have never met touched my life. I couldn't believe how hard he worked for me, he understood everything I needed and even called the other companies for me to make sure he could get what is it that I need.. He even took a moment to let me cry.. I will never be able to thank him enough. He is absolutely amazing. He took his whole day to work with me... I'm just a chick from Illinois.. And he could feel my emotion. He called me back four times to make sure I had all I needed and he went through colors with me and made sure that I was going to get this taken care of for my dearest client. What a wonderful man.. I can never thank him enough. So please tell him.. He is wonderful and thank him for listening and understanding everything that I was going through.. I am so grateful to him and your company... I will let everyone of my clientele know about Michael and your company. I am a cosmetologist and I will defiantly do more business with you.. Thank you for everything Michael you are amazing and you really had an impact on my life.. Thank you Thank you Thank you I will never forget your kindness... (Sherry H, IL)
The wig arrived yesterday. I appreciate your fine customer service. That means a lot to me. There will be return business. Kudos! (Carol M, CO)
Thank you so much Marty. It really is a pleasure doing business with you. I am going to make sure that UCONN Hospital/Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center (our patient navigation program).... has your name, number, website so she may give the information to other patients in need of wigs. (J A,, CT)
OMG!!! What fantastic service! I ordered online 3-30-10 @ 5:40PM PDT & received my wigs today before noon. Thank you so much, you certainly put other web based businesses to shame. (KJ, AZ)
I would like to thank your salesperson Mike for helping me with my order,and all he did for me. there should be more people like him in the world. He made me a very happy person.hope to do business with you again. (Joy B, FL)
I just received my wig and love it! It isn't often that something is delivered ahead of time. Thank you so much for the help and great service with my order. You will be getting many orders from me in the future. (Jenn T, PA)
I really appreciate you. Thanks again. (Beth W,)
Also, wanted to say how much I enjoyed shopping with your company, especially helpful was Micheal who made the entire experience a pleasure. I really felt that as a customer, I was important to your company. Thank you again, (May L,)
Hi Marty, You and your organization have been wonderful and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. I ordered some other items from an organization that was specifically offering products geared to cancer patients and they were actually difficult to deal with. I am bringing your website information to my next chemotherapy session and asking the nurses to include it in the packets they give to new patients. Thanks again, Susan (Susan G, NJ)
Thanks so much. It is nice to do business with a company that is prompt, and courteous (Carrie L, PA)
Once again, Thank You for the great service!!!! (Rebbeca H, NJ)
Have recently purchased 2 wigs from your company and have been absolutely thrilled at the service and quality of your products! The service was prompt, as promised, and the quality of the wigs was more than I expected. I shopped several weeks for pricing and you beat everyone by far! Thank you so much for the hard work. It is not often that you see a company with customer service in mind. Thanks again, and I will be back (Linda S, GA)
I have been enjoying doing business with you over the last several months (since I discovered you online) and appreciate your superb selection and customer service. (Lisa W, CA)
Thanks, Marty. I appreciate the great customer service and quick deliveries!! (Debbie B, CA)
Just have to send a quick email as to how happy I am to have received my first "special hat". Because of age related & medical issues I finally decided to take the step and try one of your wigs. I couldnt be happier with my purchase & that I have bought another style to go along with my first choice. On my first real day of being in public wearing my "Harlow - rooted blonde" I stepped out of the car at the airport and within 2 minutes a woman skycap said wow, I like that style on you and you should wear it that way all the time. I graciously thanked her and thought to myself, "ok, here it goes, I'm going to stick out like a sore thumb all the way to my destination but I can do this." After thinking everyone was "looking" at me or is it just the cute cut I now am sporting, please land this plane on the ground and let me get to where I'm going" The 2nd day on vacation, I was in a resort hotel patio restaurant, and for the first time in all my life years a woman came up to me and said, "Excuse me, may I ask if your hairdresser is local?" I said, "I'm sorry, but I'm from out of town in Idaho" she said, "Well, that's a little far for me to go for an appointment but just wanted to let your know that I think your cut and style is so perfect I wanted to go to her. Again, I graciously thanked her for the compliment and this time I was feeling on TOP of the World with my new do! My self confidence and esteem has been restored. I feel like my old self and am having so much fun with my new style. I am now going places and doing things that I havent done in years. I have received so many compliments, wow's and "you look greats" that I just had to say thank you for giving my life back to me and getting my "head out of the sand" (so to speak). Now with my new purchase of the "Kenzie- Rooted Blonde" I am looking forward to even more fun and more compliments. You have excellent customer service, speedy and prompt delivery and especially love the "free shipping" over and beyond any other company. I will definitely be doing business with your company in the future and will highly recommend. Thank you so much. (Kathryn in ID)
Hi Marty, Thanks so much for correcting my order. You were very helpful and I so appreciate your time. I will definitely be ordering again from It was nice to have a real person to speak with instead of having to send an email or leaving a voice message. Good Customer Service is hard to find today, but I found it with you. Thanks again (Lee P, PA)
Just wanted to let you know this is my second time buying from you, you have exceptional service and I will be ordering from you from now on! (Mercy in CA)
The wig arrived today and I love it. I've had it on for about 3 hours now, trimmed the bangs, and don't really feel like I'm wearing a wig at all. It feels so comfortable, and not "artificial" at all. I think that I shall probably "debut" it outside the house tomorrow. Wow! I feel very daring:-). Thank you again for the amazingly quick delivery, and a great product. (Deborah T, MI)
You are the BEST! I love doing business with you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've done to help me out! (Lisa in CA)
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy doing business with you. But most importantly, how much I appreciate talking with Michael and how much I think he is an asset to your business. What I did tell you is that I recently had a hair transplant. I had lots of beautiful hair but had a small spot on the right side of my crown that I wanted more hair. I decided to do 3200 implants so my hair would be thicker and fuller. Since I am 55, I figure, why not? What I didn't know is that sometimes when you do hair transplants, you have what they call "shock loss". Some of the hair around where the donor sites (which is in the back and around the ears) falls out, so you lose more hair. That's what has temporarily happened to me. So, it's not the temporary, you can just go back to work in 10 days and or in a couple of months your hair will grow back. Everyone is different, depending on the type of medications you take, etc., So, I was wearing scarves to work and then someone said, "why don't you buy a wig"? What a novel idea? A wig? Something that I thought I would never do. That's why I wanted the hair transplant. Now, I'm wondering, wow, I probably could've saved a lot of money. Bought a couple of wigs here locally. Then, discovered your site when someone told me, have you seen Raquel Welch wigs? But, its Michael, that has made the difference. LOVE talking to Michael. He's the best. He is so patient, customer-oriented, so helpful-takes the time-is honest when he needs to be, gets right back to the customer when he says he's going to. He really knows the business-knows what he is talking about. He just makes you feel so good when you talk with him. He's the reason why I won't go to other sites to buy wigs. I hope you continue to reward him and let him know how valuable he is to your business. He's the BEST! (Mary L, CA)
Wow! That was super fast. Thank you so much. (Jacqueline S, MD)
Thank you Michael, I wanted to tell you I LOVE my wig and will be ordering only Rachel Welch wigs from here on in and will order them from you. Your delivery was great and the fact that you kept me informed was most unusual and appreciated. (Rosemary R, NY)
The wig arrived Mon, just in time! Great wig....great delivery.....great job!!! Thank you for all your help! (Pamela B, NC)
Hi Marty -- thanks so much. I have the wig on. It is great. Will be ordering again soon. (Pam T, LA)
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery [I got it yesterday] and, thank you so for the discount. Who doesn't love a discount? I must tell you, when I took it out of the box I was so completely surprised, my mouth dropped open and stayed like that as I inspected every strand. I'm happy!!!!! The quality is just lovely. It looks and feels like the "real" thing! I have suffered with hair loss since I was in my late 20's. I became very ill and had many hormone treatments which led to a complete hysterectomy at the age of 29. I was devastated [to say the least], I wanted a choice of having children and it was taken away from me. After subsequent illnesses and more and more surgeries, slowly, ever so slowly my hair started to fall out. First, it was just small wefts and then it became "clumps"! At that time there were no answers [medically] and, by the time there were, it was too late! Styles and hairdo's were non-existent. I've been wearing a "piece" which has been sewn and glued to the hair I have left and I'm so tired of that look. I found your web-site and many others. Yours was the most complete and informational. I loved the Raquel Welch hairdo that I chose [but, it's always a "guess" when you buy online]. I put the hair on a wig-head, I looked at it, I welled-up in tears [as I'm doing now] and, even spoke to it. I said, YOU are my promise to be "normal", YOU are my, "it's okay", "it's really okay"!!!! I'm sorry if this may sound weird to you but only someone who suffers with my hair loss will understand it completely. I haven't removed the "piece" I've been wearing for over 6 years, [I got so tired of having it removed and spending in excess of $1,000 every year, that I just started taking care of it myself] and put my new hair on, yet. I need a day to do this....I need time to work with it. I've learned the skills and ability that most hairdressers take years to learn in school and on the job. I intend to do the change-over next Thursday, [I'm taking the day off work.] I can't wait to go back to work with my new look and my beautiful new hair. I'll let you know how it goes. Again, thank you for the discount, the lovely product and the opportunity to be a "complete" woman again. (Rosalene, S, NY)
Received my wig in the UK in 8 days. Good job, e-Wigs! (Beth K, GB)
We'd like to know what you think. Please send your comments to Marty at

Bennett by Tony of Beverly from the MonoFusion Collection.

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