Nowhere Hair – a quirky story for children

Unlike Alopecia Areata or Androgenic Alopecia, hair loss from cancer signifies illness that is potentially fatal and is not to be taken lightly. Chemotherapy drugs make a person sick and can cause hair loss while fighting cancer. Many people see baldness (especially when it comes to women) and think “cancer” or “sick” regardless if the woman is fighting cancer, or simply has a form or Alopecia.
This can be incredibly hard for a woman. Hard not just because she is fighting cancer, and hard not because she is loosing her hair but also difficult to explain to the ones around you what you are experiencing and why. Especially children.

Meet Sue Glader, a woman, a mother, an author and a breast cancer survivor.

With the help of illustrator, Edith Buenen, the quirky children’s story No Where Hair was created. Glader was diagnosed with breast cancer right after her son’s first birthday and was inspired to find a way for adults and parents to communicate to their children about cancer and how it is effecting them.

This story is about a little girl who is seeking for the answer of why her mother has lost her hair. It shows that chemotherapy may cause a mother to loose her hair, make her tired and even sometimes cranky, but not her sense of style, humor, happiness or love for her child.

” It does the heavy lifting, without being heavy.
It addresses a child’s guilt, fear, sadness and anxiety with a light touch. ”

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    However the causes of children’s hair loss are numerous and include: trauma resulting from an accident, symptoms of birth defects, scarring from surgery to remedy birth defects, and Alopecia (an autoimmune condition in which the body mistakenly forms antibodies against its own hair follicles.)

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