Cancer in the Media

Film and Television are both incredibly useful tools to influence the popular culture. However is it a two way street. Viewers want to relate to the stories they watch on TV or at the movie theater so Film and Television are a reflection of our own human experience as well.

Starting in the 90′s more films began to have cancer and oncology as a topic in their story lines. As we moved into the early 2000′s this trend continued. Soap operas, sci-fi show( ex: Battle Star Galactic),  Abc’s series Desperate House wives, and many others have main characters who have been diagnosed with a variety of different types of cancer.

I think this trend is not only interesting but mass media can be a really helpful tool. It allows conversations to happen about fictional characters with cancer, which can help both adults and children cope with dealing with cancer in their own lives. Media brings awareness in a form that is easy to connect to and encourages people to be sympathetic to those fighting cancer.

This Paper is interesting:

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