Wigs on Clearance!

Did you know that E-Wigs.com has a Clearance section?
Well if you didn’t know- now you do! This amazing deal allows you to get certain wigs for 40-60% OFF PLUS FREE USA SHIPPING! AMAZING!

We have some customers who shop this section all the time because of the super low prices – but some of our friends are not aware of this part of E-Wigs website. Other online wig sellers don’t even come close to these low, discounted prices!

Our Clearance Wigs are returned items that have been inspected by a factory authorized representative and are in 100% new condition. Most other online wig sellers will resell these items as “new”. At E-Wigs we believe in full disclosure, so we offer them in a separate part of our website, and at an unbelievable low price.

Clearance Wigs from E-Wigs lets you add a variety of styles to your personal wig collection at the lowest price possible. Call us at 888-394-4748 if you have any questions. Click here to view E-Wigs.com Clearance Wigs!

Limited colors and quantities – in most cases, only one color available!
First-come first-served!

Here are some tips for viewing the clearance section of E-Wigs.com
Once you have reviewed all the great bargains in E-Wigs Clearance pages you can come back every week or two and use the Sort Button to review the new pieces that have been added since your last visit. Just click the Sort Newest First box near the top of the Clearance Wigs page and you will create a list with the latest additions at the very top of the page – so you can save time and just check the new styles that have been added since your last visit!
See Image Below!


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