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Medical Wig Information

Medical Wig Information

This information is especially for women who are being introduced to wigs for medical reasons. Choosing a wig is a very personal decision and we are giving you a single reference (with relevant ElegantWigs links) to help you learn what you need to know to order a wig, whether you go to a wig shop, or order online.

Raquel Welch style Flirt Alert

Flirt Alert by Raquel Welch.

Raquel Welch Flirt Alert wigs feature a machine-made Memory Base II with a 100% hand tied lace front and monofilament part line allowing for off the face styling, hair parting versatility, and a light cool fit. The Flirt Alert wig's Memory Cap Base ll construction offers a custom like comfort due to its finer, yet resilient stretch lace for the lightest most comfortable and secure fit available. More Raquel Welch styles can be found on our Raquel Welch wigs page.

One of the first questions that come to mind when the decision has been made that it is time to purchase a wig is, "Can people tell I am wearing a wig?". Regardless of what wig fiber you decide on, human hair or synthetic, today's state-of-the-art wig construction gives these wigs a realistic appearance. Wigs today are made from a much thinner fiber then in the past, thus avoiding a bulky, "wiggy" look. Our suggestion for most customers with a medical condition, is a synthetic fiber with a monofilament cap construction. Human hair wigs require a professional trimming and styling once it arrives. Human hair wigs also require the same type of maintenance as would natural hair.

The complexity and pressures of dealing with a medical problem and trying to continue looking like yourself, can be difficult. Our advice to you is to START EARLY!!!!! Wearing a wig is a new experience for you and buying something this personal takes some time.

We have simplified this wig selection process for you. Below is a step by step guide to help guide you through each decision that you'll have to make, ensuring a result that you are happy with and makes you feel more like yourself again!

Step One

- It is essential that you purchase a wig that fits your head. A proper fit prevents slippage. Click on the following link to help you through this process: Click here for: Get Size Right

Get Size Right

Step Two

- Knowing what the shape of your face is and what styles go best with that shape, will help you end up with a wig that is flattering to your personality and life style. If you do change your style, stick close to your own color. A sudden change in style and color might be too startling if done at the same time. Click on the following link to help you through this process: Click here for: Face Shapes & Best Wig Styles

Face shape diamond

Step Three

- Choose a color that is as close as possible to your natural color. If hair loss is a possibility in the future, save a swatch of your own hair for a color match. We offer a color ring loaner program to make this cost effect for you. Click on the following link to help you through this process: Click here for: Get Color Right

Amore color ring

Step Four

- Choosing the right fiber for your wig determines the amount of maintenance required to keep you wig looking the best that it can be. Click on the following link to help you through this process: Click here for: Wig Fiber Options

Step Five

- There are numerous different ways that the caps are constructed on today's wigs. The different caps affect the way the wig can be styled and the comfort needed considering your personal needs.To ensure comfort there are some key wig cap features to consider.
A lace front has each hair hand tied into a soft lace type material that is softer than the material found on most traditional, basic wig cap constructions. The hand tied technique creates a natural front hairline allowing you to part the hair seamlessly.
With an extra soft layer that protects the scalp from the hand tied knots of the entire top area, double monofilament cap constructions are more comfortable for those who have a sensitive scalp.
Depending upon a particular cap construction, ear tabs which are used to guide the placement of the wig on ones head are usually described as closed, open, or velvet-lined. Velvet lined ear tabs, with their soft material, will prevent itchy irritation.
Click on the following link to help you through this process: Click here for: Cap Construction

Cap Construction lace front mono top

Step Six

- Since this a new experience for you, learning the proper way to put your wig on is essential. Click on the following link to help you through this process:Click here for: Putting On Your Wig

Step Seven

- Learning the proper way to wash and care for your wig, determines the life of your wig. With the proper care, your wig can look like shiny, healthy hair for a long time. Click on the following link to help you through this process: Click here for: Wig Care & Repair

Step Eight

- Go Shopping! Pick out and order a wig, and we will make sure that you receive it quickly. We offer free shipping in the US. A stunning wig will help you feel and look fabulous!

Wigs For Cancer Patients

Everyone has a different experience dealing with hair loss, but the feelings we share are the same. Hair loss has an impact on your self-image and self-esteem. Beautiful, yet comfortable wigs for cancer patients can help boost confidence and regain some sense of normalcy. Our wigs for cancer patients are just one of the many helpful aids that make a difference for people going through an often grueling and difficult time.

Your search for "wigs for cancer patients" has been successful and has brought you to ElegantWigs.com. We carry the best brands and the highest quality wigs for cancer patients from top wig manufacturers. Our wigs for cancer patients offered in the most popular styles and beautiful colors are sold at the guaranteed lowest price on the internet. The ElegantWigs.com website has information about wigs for cancer patients to help in the selection, wearing and caring of these flattering hairpieces.

Go to our Wigs for Cancer Patients information page for more information about some of our brands that design specific cap constructions that are created to answer the special medical needs of customers suffering with hair loss due to medical procedures such a radiation and chemotherapy or hair follicle related diseases.

There are a number of hair cap constructions found in the different designs of wigs for cancer patients. Many cancer patients are able to wear any conventional wig with a standard wefted cap. There are, however, several different types of constructions in hairpiece caps of wigs for cancer patients that provide specific benefits and may be the answer to some unique individual needs. Whether you chose ultra light weight caps, monofilament caps, or special caps, ElegantWigs.com wants you to understand the options and differences in all types of wigs for cancer patients.

Amore wigs are created to answer the special medical needs of customers suffering with hair loss due to medical procedures such a radiation and chemotherapy or hair follicle related diseases, they are by no means the only brand that addresses these issues.

Amore style Erika

Erika by Amore

With design features that result in more softness, durability of materials, and wearing comfort, Amore wigs from the well known wig manufacturer, ROP, are available for both adults and children. A double monofilament layer, hand tied for more ventilation, along with their top cap construction and the chameleon-like base layer that has the ability to match the wearer's own scalp color, Amore wigs are spectacularly successful by providing an especially natural appearance.

Amore style Elsie

Elsie by Amore

Monofilament wigs for cancer patients from ElegantWigs.com. are an especially good choice for those with severe or total hair loss because monofilament wig caps are soft and hypoallergenic. Standard wig caps are made from cloth and may be itchy or irritating to those with sensitive scalps. On the other hand, the nylon mesh caps of monofilament wigs for cancer patients are the premiere choice for comfort while allowing for versatile hair styling.

Wigs with ultra lightweight caps are another option in design choices of wigs for cancer patients. These caps make wigs for cancer patients cool, lightweight and secure, and are especially comfortable during the heat and humidity of summer.

If you have an extremely sensitive scalp, ElegantWigs.com recommends a special cap that is worn between your head and any of our wigs for cancer patients. The cap allows you the freedom to use just about any hairpiece as wigs for cancer patients. Nylon and cotton wig caps are available and there are some special caps designed with gel to provide exceptional comfort.

Wigs for cancer patients at the best price:
All of our wigs for cancer patients come with a "lowest price guarantee". If you see the same hairpiece offered by a competitor at a lower price we will beat it. In fact, if you find a lower price within a week after your purchase from ElegantWigs.com we will happily refund the difference. And remember, ElegantWigs.com pays the shipping on all the wigs for cancer patients that we sell.

The wig experts at ElegantWigs.com .com will help you choose the medical wigs that's are best for you. We have a large selection of wigs for cancer patients with different constructions to suite different needs. Our website is easy to navigate, has large images of the wigs for cancer patients, as well as information about the advantages of the different types of wigs for cancer patients.

At ElegantWigs.com we'll do whatever we can to assist women in getting their wigs for cancer patients paid for, or partially paid for, by medical insurance. We routinely provide invoices for wigs for cancer patients that are worded precisely for insurance purposes.

Visit us again online to shop for additional wigs for cancer patients. Come to ElegantWigs.com, where you'll find an exceptional selection of quality brand name wigs for cancer patients with the guaranteed lowest price on the internet. And don't forget, we ship all our wigs for cancer patients for free. The diagnosis of cancer is a traumatic and stress filled time. At ElegantWigs.com we're working hard to be your #1 source for value and choice in your selection in wigs for cancer patients. To contact our wig experts call 1-888-394-4748 or e-mail us at info@ElegantWigs.com.

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