Cap Constructions for Wigs

A Variety of Cap Constructions for Wigs

There are many decisions that need to be made when buying a wig. Besides finding a
style you love and choosing a particular color, wig cap construction is a major factor not
only in the cost of the wig, but also how natural it will appear and how comfortable it will
be to wear.

At e-Wigs we try to show the cap construction along with the wig views whenever
a wig manufacturer has supplied an image. In addition, e-wigs will mention the cap
construction when describing a wig.

Wig cap construction is still evolving. However, there are a number of cap constructions
that you will find mentioned on our site. Click here to see an in depth article and learn more about wig cap constructions.

Traditional or Standard Wefted Cap:

The traditional, sometimes referred to as classic or standard cap, is a wefted construction where synthetic hair is machine or hand sewn into strips of material.

Becky by Estetica Designs provides a standard wefted, pure stretch lightweight, breathable cap wig construction with thin resilient dual elastic sides.

Capless or Open Cap:

One variation on the standard wefted cap construction is the capless wig cap. The “capless” is not really “capless” (obviously), but the wefts are less dense and have a bit more space between them. This provides a lighter weight cap with better air circulation. Many women who wear wigs for medial reasons prefer a capless construction.

Gwen by Tony of Beverly features their capless Harp construction with an open weft providing superior breath-ability for more all day comfort.
Elle by Envy Wigs offers a capless construction for maximum comfort and coolness.

Monofilament Top (Mono-top):

Monofilament cap construction is the preferred choice for those who want the most natural look while wearing a wig. Wig manufacturers originally developed the monofilament cap for women who have experienced significant hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or other medical reasons and have sensitive scalps. Sometimes mono-top wigs are referred to as “medical wigs.” There are a number of variations in monofilament design construction depending upon the wig manufacturer. Since many hairstyles don’t require 100% monofilament technology to achieve a stunning look, or only require them at certain locations in the wig’s cap, monofilament cap construction may differ in some minor ways from style to style.
Sparkle by
Raquel Welch
offers a Memory cap construction with stretch lace machine wefted sides and back and a full crown monofilament area.

Petite Paige by
Envy with its “stretch cap technology” has a hand tied monofilament part line.

Double Monofilament Top:

For folks with sensitive scalps, the knots on the hair fibers when they are individually tied into the caps of mono-top wigs can be a source of irritation. The double monofilament top wig has an extra layer of monofilament to shield the scalp from these knots.
Emily by Amore features a double monofiament cap with a hand tied top construction and machine wefting along the sides and back.

100% Hand-tied Cap:

This is the premier of all wig cap construction types. Quality 100% hand tied cap construction imitates most successfully the natural movement of real hair. The entire cap, front, crown, sides and back, is hand tied, not just a specific area as is found on many monofilament cap constructions.
Applause by Raquel Welch a 100% hand knotted human hair short layered cut.

Lace Front Caps:

Wig manufacturers developed lace front wigs so customers could wear their hair off the face. It is the only cap construction that permits a natural looking hairline.
Kate by Jon Renau offering a lace front and large mono top allowing multi-directional parting.

Being more knowledgeable about cap construction should help you choose a wig that will be comfortable and better suited to your needs. Have a great time shopping at our unique Internet boutique,

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