Doctor Who Fans! Did you know…

Actor Karen Gillian plays the long locked Amy Pond from the Doctor Who television series. She is one of the Doctor’s closest companions and has a crucial role on the show. Fans adore her and were excited to hear that she was offered a role in the newest Marvel Movie.
Nebula-Karen-Gillan Karen Gillian took a role playing Nebula in the new 2014 Marvel Film Guardians of the Galaxy. Unlike the character Amy Pond, Nebula is bald! So what did Karen Gillian decide to do? Well check out the video from Comic Con below!

What a wonderful and shocking way to announce her new look! The audience and crew members applaud her for taking a razor to her long red hair. Doctor Who continued to shoot after she had shaved her head for Marvel, and in these episodes she wore a wig that was crafted from her very own hair!

The Film’s release date is August 1 of 2014!

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