“Good Hair” Chris Rock made a Documentary all about Hair

After overhearing his daughter raving about her white friends hair and asking him why she didn’t have good hair, he set out to understand why African-American women place so much importance on their hair. In 2009 he released a documentary called Good Hair. It’s witty and funny, while still be serious and informative. Here’s the trailer:

Check out this clip of Chris Rock back stage at the Oprah Winfrey show is wonderful. It’s revealing of his character, as dad and as a man, but not necessarily as a comedian. It lovely to see him sincerely talk about his daughters and his concerns for them and their identity in relation to their hair.
On the subject of the pressures women, especially black women, face in regards to weaves, hair styles and all of the money spent on hair products and salon costs he says “…I want them to do it for them, that’s all I want. I want to have independent women.”

Christ Rock back stage at the Oprah show

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