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There are 159 Ellen Wille colors.
Please be aware that the colors you see on this display will not be exact.
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Ebony Black
Cosmo Black Mix
Dark Nougat Mix
Black Cherry Mix
Dark Chocolate Mix
Coffeebrown Mix Coffee Brown Mix
Espresso Mix
Espresso Lighted
Light Espresso Mix
Espresso Mix HH
Hot Espresso Mix
Dark Chocolate Mix HH
Light Coffee Rooted
Dark Chocolate Lighted
Coffee Lighted
Dark Auburn Mix
Dark Auburn Rooted
Aubergine Mix
Hot Aubergine Mix
Wild Cherry R
Auburn Mix
Wine Red Rooted
Cherry Red Mix
Cherry Mix
Dark Cherry Mix
Hot Chilli Mix
Hot Chilli Rooted
Flame Mix
Flame Rooted
Hot Flame Lighted
Hot Flame R
132/133 133
Hot Flame Mix
Auburn Rooted
Auburn Lighted
Copper Brown Mix
Cinnamon Brown Rooted
Cinnamon Brown Mix
Red Pepper Mix
Hot Cinnamon Mix
Flame Lighted Stream
Fireball Lighted
Rosewood Rooted
Safran Brown Rooted
Safran Red Rooted
Cognac Mix
Cognac Rooted
Mango Red Rooted
Mango Lighted Steam
Light Mango Mix
Light Bernstein Rooted
Chocolate Rooted
6/830 6
830/27 830
Hazelnut Rooted
Hot Chocolate Mix
Chocolate Mix 4/6
Chocolate Tipped
Cinnamon Rooted
Chestnut Mix HH
Espresso Tipped
Nut Brown Lighted
Mocca Lighted
Mocca Mix
Dark Nougat Rooted
Nougat Mix
Hazelnut Mix
Mocca Rooted
Hot Mocca Rooted
Nut Brown Rooted
Cappuccino Softed
Hot Mocca Mix
Light Mocca Mix
Bernstein Mix HH
Bernstein Mix
Bernstein Rooted
Tobacco Lighted
Tobacco Mix
Tobacco Rooted
Toffee 2tone Ombre
Sand 2tone Ombre
8/26 830
14/24 14
Sand Multi Rooted
Dark Sand Rooted
Dark Sand Mix
Dark Sand Lighted
Sand Lighted
Dark Champagne Mix
Sand Mix
Honey Mix
Light Bernstein Mix
Ginger Rooted
Ginger Mix
Ginger Blonde Mix
Hot Ginger Mix
Nature Blonde Mix HH
Sand Tipped
Sand Rooted
Caramel Mix
Ginger Blonde Rooted
Sandy Blonde Toned
Caramel Lighted Stream
Light Champagne Rooted HH
Light Caramel Mix
Sandy Blonde Mix
Light Honey Rooted
Light Honey Mix
Champagne Mix
Pastel Mint Rooted
Pearl Mix
Pearl Blonde Rooted
Pearl Blonde Mix
Pearl Rooted
Champagne Rooted
Sandy Blonde Rooted
Champagne Toned
Light Champagne Rooted
Light Champagne Mix
Pastel Blonde Mix
Pastel Blonde Rooted
Platin Blonde Mix
Platin Mix
Platin Blonde Rooted
Light Pearl Mix
Nature White Mix
Silver Mix
Silver Blonde Rooted
Candy Blonde Tipped
Pastel Rose Rooted
Pastel Lilac Rooted
Lavender Rooted
Snow Mix
Snow Rooted
Silver Grey Mix
Pearl Grey Mix
Salt Pepper Mix
Stone Grey Mix
Dark Snow Mix
Silver Rooted
Smoke Mix
Dark Smoke Mix
Salt_Pepper Rooted Salt Pepper Rooted
Pepper Multi Mix
Smoke Rooted
Pepper Mix
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