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Wig Fiber Options: "Synthetic or Human Hair?"OR Perhaps a Blend.

Wig Fiber Options: "Synthetic or Human Hair?"OR Perhaps a Blend.

There are three major types of wig fiber options to choose from when buying a wig: Synthetic Fiber, Heat Friendly Fiber, which is generally synthetic fibers, but may also be a combination of synthetic and human hair fibers, and Human Hair Fiber.
To learn the differences between Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Wigs go to the bottom half of the page.

Synthetic Fiber Wigs

Estetica Designs style True

True by Estetica Designs
is a short feathery layered cut with added volume and wispy full bangs.
Capsize: Average / Cap Construction: Standard

The monofilament fiber of synthetic wigs retains the style you see in the display photo. Therefore, the style you see is the style you will get. You can not "heat style" a standard synthetic wig. Regular synthetic fibers cannot withstand any type of heat. However, standard synthetic fiber wigs can be cold rolled or finger-styled using special products made specifically for the synthetic fibers. With proper care synthetic hair wigs / hairpieces last about 4-6 months.

All of our wig manufacturers that we feature on ElegantWigs.comTM offer synthetic fiber wigs.

Synthetic Wigs

Model wearing Noriko wig style Dolce

Dolce by Noriko
is a sophisticated layered cut with long face framing fringe and height in the back of the crown.
Cap Construction: Standard / Fiber: Synthetic

Most purchasers of wigs on ElegantWigs.comTM select either a regular synthetic or a heat friendly (Heat Resistant, or Heat Defiant) synthetic fiber wig. Today's synthetic wigs offer the consumer more styling choices, more color options, and unique cap construction features for all day wearing comfort. Synthetic wigs are also much less expensive than human hair wigs. Some folks say that high quality synthetic wigs are virtually indistinguishable from human hair, except to the most experienced eye.

Made from advanced chemical polymers, the better quality synthetic wigs offer very realistic looking hair fibers with a lustrous appearance. The synthetic wig's fibers maintains its wave or curl, texture and volume with minimal upkeep. Since the wig's styling is built into the "memory" of the fibers, you can style synthetic wigs with a wide-toothed comb, or even your fingertips. Many of ElegantWigs.comTM shorter synthetic wig styles allow you to just shake them out before you put them on. You may see copy that refers to these short synthetic wigs as "shake-n-go wigs"!

Although synthetic wigs are extremely easy to wear and care for, you can damage the synthetic fibers and ruin the wig if it exposed to any heat source such as blow dryers, and curling or straightening irons. In addition heat from ovens or open fires can also wreak havoc on a synthetic wig unless it is made form heat resistant synthetic fibers. Synthetic wigs cannot accept permanent waves or color changes. With proper care, expect synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces to last about 4-6 months. See how to care for synthetic wigs at the top of this page.

Heat Friendly Fiber Wigs

Kim Kinble style Jasmine

Kiara by Kim Kimble
is a modern mid-length bob with a chic, stacked back, softly sculpted eyelash bang and a host of soft layering throughout.
Cap Construction: Mono Part with Lace Front / Fiber: Synthetic Heat Friendly

Heat friendly fiber is still a synthetic fiber, however it can withstand heat up to 350 degrees. This means you can use a curling iron, a straightener, and a blow dryer using the low heat setting to help you create different styles. Any style you create stays locked in place until heat-styled again.

Heat Friendly, Heat Resistant, or Heat Defiant - are terms used by different wig manufacturers to describe wigs made with Heat friendly synthetic fibers or a blend of human hair and synthetic fibers. Please be aware that many, but not all, heat friendly / heat defiant / heat resistant synthetic wigs arrive straight, even though you may see the wig image on our site styled with ringlets, curls, or waves. With proper care heat friendly synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces last about 2-3 months.
If you are not sure if the wig will arrive straight or curled, please call to confirm.

See our selection of heat friendly fiber wigs.
Click here.

Human Hair Fiber Wigs

RaquelWelch style Sophia

Success Story by Raquel Welch
is short & so chic. Success Story can be tucked behind the ears and styled like a pixie or a short bob with face framing layers.
Cap Construction: Monofilament Top with Lace Front / Fiber: Human Hair

Human hair wigs are made of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Caucasian hair. This type of wig requires more upkeep and is a bigger investment, but a human hair wig is the most natural looking and durable wig style. You can do anything to a human hair wig, you would do to your own hair. Human hair wigs can be heat-styled, colored, and blown dry. It is best not to lighten the color of a human hair wig, because of the chemical processes the human hair fibers undergo before the wig is made. Therefore, if you want to color your wig, order a color lighter than you actually want. Once your human hair wig arrives take it to a professional hair salon to have it uniquely colored.
See our selection of human hair fiber wigs.
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Remy Human Hair Wigs

Ellen Wille style Brilliance Plus

Brilliance Plus by Ellen Wille is a short, choppy layers can be styled for an edgy look or a softer look. The face framing bangs can be cut or trimmed.
Cap Construction: Monofilament Top with Lace Front / 100% Hand Tied Base / Fiber: Remy Human Hair

Remy Hair is the highest quality human hair on the market. Because of the way it is sorted, Remy hair makes the final wig product silkier to the touch with fewer tangles. Remy hair wigs feature the best cap constructions as well.
See our selection of Remy human hair fiber wigs.
Click here.

Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

Louis Ferre style PC 108

PC 108 by Louis Ferre is an elegant, shoulder-length bob has a soft, straight body, feathered ends, and full face framing fringe.
Cap Construction: Monofilament Top / 100% Hand Tied Base / Fiber: Human Hair

Although many folks considered human hair wigs to be the "gold" standard, the reason most women cite as for buying a human hair wig is because it looks and feels far more natural than any synthetic wig.

ElegantWigs.comTM suggests you call one of our wig experts, if you have never purchased a human hair wig before. Human hair wigs are not only a more expensive investment than synthetic wigs, but also will require more effort in styling and upkeep than synthetic wigs. However, properly cared for human hair wigs are more durable than most synthetic wigs.

Normally, human hair wigs come with 10 to 20% more hair, so they must be trimmed and styled, preferably by a hairdresser with wig experience, to your individual taste. Human hair wigs do not arrive "pre-styled" as do many synthetic wigs. However, numerous styling possibilities by you or your hairdresser are possible when you wear human hair wigs. Not only can curlers, a blow dryer or a flat iron be used to change the wig's style, you also are able to custom color, add streaks or highlights to your human hair wig. Care for human hair wigs includes it being properly shampooed, dried, and conditioned. Just like natural hair, human hair wigs can lose their style if they get wet or frizz on humid days. If price is not an issue, and you are skilled at styling your own hair every day, you may want to consider a human hair wig. Human hair wigs can last between 1 and 3 years. See how to care for human hair wigs at the top of this page.

Envy style Emma

Emma by Envy
is a textured longer shoulder skimming bob with its soft, face-framing natural waves.
Fiber: Human Hair Synthetic Heat Friendly Blend

An alternative to 100% human hair wigs are human hair-synthetic blended wigs with heat friendly, heat resistant, or heat defiant synthetic fibers that offer a natural look but retain the style better than a 100% human hair wig. Wig manufacturers have developed this blend to help lower the cost of a human hair wig. However, the heat defiant synthetic fibers tend not to last as long as the human hair fibers, so the wig's longevity is somewhat compromised.

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