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There are 108 TressAllure colors.

Click a swatch to see wigs in that color

Please be aware that the colors you see on this display will not be exact.

Color Insurance - get the color you expect

1 Black Sable Solid Color
1B Black Solid Color
1B/BURG A blend of black with burgundy.
2 Dark Brown Solid Color
2/4R Very dark brown with highlights
Midnight Coffee Off black blended with darkest brown
Cocoa Bean Medium dark brown with dark red high lights.
Deep Forest A blend of dark brown.
Walnut Brown Dark brown blended with medium reddish brown.
4/6R Dark Brown
4 Medium Light Brown Solid Color
6 Light Brown Solid Color
8/6 Coffee Tip A blend of light brown (8) and chestnut brown (6)
8R Medium Brown
33R Dark Auburn
Deep Sepia Dark brown blended w/ medium reddish brown and medium auburn
English Tea HL Dark brown with high lights of bright red and strawberry blonde.
Cherrywood HL Medium brown with highlights of auburn.
10/130R Blend of medium brown and bright red.
32/31 A blend of medium red and auburn.
Sheer Plum Shaded Shaded- Dark auburn blended with bright red.
33 Chocolate Solid color
30/33 Chestnut Red Blend of mahogany & copper red. Heavy highlights with copper red tips.
33/30 Blend of dark auburn and light auburn.
6/28 Medium dark brown with bright auburn high lights.
30 Bronze Solid color
Dark Amber HL Rooted Color Shaded dark brown roots on medium reddish brown base w/ highlights of light reddish brown & pale champagne
Cola Swirl Dark brown with high lights of medium auburn and light blonde.
829H Blend of dark brown, medium brown, & copper red with coppery highlights
829 Glazed Hazelnut Even blend of dark brown, medium brown, & copper red with streaks of copper on front & top
6/27 Glazed Caramel Two tone medium brown & red tones streaked
6/25 Golden Brown A blend of 3 warm tones: dark blond,light brown & chocolate brown streaked in front wi/ lighter tone.
27/30/33H Auburn blend with high lights
33/130/R4 Blend of dark auburn & bright auburn with dark.
Sunset Glow Auburn with bright red and highlights of strawberry swirl.
33/32/R4 Blend of dark auburn with dark brown roots.
32 Irish Red Solid Color
29 Golden Red Solid color
29S Sunrise Gold Red tone brown, golden blonde, yellow blonde. Alternating the 3 colors for extreme frosted effect on front & top. Even blend of colors on sides & back
Sugar Brulee Rooted Shaded- Shadowed roots on medium auburn with highlights of butterscotch.
747T Dark brown blended with medium red.
Honey Bean Medium brown with high lights of strawberry blonde.
27/33 Chestnut Blend of medium brown & mahogany brown red tones. Light red tip colors only in front & top
Chocolate Swirl Medium brown blended with medium auburn and dark gold blonde
12 Dark Blonde Blend of medium to light brown
12/8 Coffee Blend Blend of two tone medium to dark browns with lighter tips.
14/10 Spring Blend throughout of two tones of medium ash browns with lighter tips
17/23/R8 Blend of beige blonde and auburn with medium brown roots.
26/10 Sunkist 2 tones of honey blonde & medium brown. 80% honey blonde highlight in front & top. More medium brown in blend at back & sides
1425 Honey Ginger Three tones of warn colors blonde, rust, light brown. Equally frosted throughout.
Pecan Twist Medium reddish brown with a blended with medium golden blonde.
825 Golden Walnut Warm mediun brown & golden blonde with extreme frosted effect throughout
825 Golden Walnut Warm mediun brown & golden blonde with extreme frosted effect throughout
Mocha Gold A blend of medium brown tipped with medium gold blonde.
10R Medium Light Brown
12R Light golden brown
14 Medium Blonde Blend of medium browns & light blondes
Champagne Warm pale blonde
24/18T Dark Ash Blonde
1621 Glazed Sand 3 cool color tones: pale blonde, golden blonde, light brown. Frosted front & top with even blend of colors on back & sides.
24/17 Sunfrost Blend of cool ash brown & lighter ash blonde. Lighter blended tips in front / darker blend in crown back & sides
Mimosa HL Shaded | Rooted Shaded- Dark brown roots on light reddish brown with highlights of pale champagne blonde.
14014 Spring Honey Alternating streaked colors of light ash & blonde
1020 Butter Walnut Light brown on back, sides & roots with blonde highlights on only top & front
Velvet Cream Medium blonde with highlights of light blonde.
Frosty Blonde HL Honey blonde with high lights of gold blonde and platinum blonde
Satin Gold A blend of gold blondes.
14/26/R10 Light reddish brown with highlights of dark honey blonde and medium brown roots.
14/26/10R Light reddish brown with highlights of dark honey blonde and medium brown roots
27 Butterscotch Solid color
16 Light Blonde Light blonde with minimal gold highlights
14016 Harvest Gold Golden blonde with minimal strawberry blonde highlights
24613 Golden Platinum A 50/50 blend of golden blonde and platinum blonde.
Misty Sunrise A blend of gold blonde and light blonde with medium auburn lowlights .
14/88 Harvest Wheat Light golden blonde blended to very light blonde tips
Princess Ivory Light creamy blonde with highlights of platinum blonde.
24/102/12 Light golden brown roots blending to golden blonde with platinum high lights.
27/25/88 A blend of gold blonde with platinum white specked w/ strawberry blond highlights
613/1001/R18 A blend of vanilla blonde white with rooted ash brown .
23/12 Sunburst Blend of medium ash brown & ash blonde throughout with light tips
Chiffon Candy Rooted Color Shadowed roots on dark gold bonde with high lights of light gold blonde.
22R Dark golden blonde
Silky Sand Shaded | Rooted Shaded- Dark Brown roots on pale champagne.
223/23C Light golden blonde
23R Platinum Blonde
88 Platinum White
1001 White Grey
60 White Grey White grey
60R Silver Grey Blend of white and grey.
Silver Fox Pure white with 5% dark brown.
Iced Silver Light grey with low lights of dark grey.
38/51/60 Light Grey
56/60/R8 Lightest grey blend with medium brown roots
56/60/66 Blend of lightest grey & silver grey with medium brown roots
Silver Twilight #56 blended with 5% medium brown
Silver Mink A 50/50 blend of pure white and off black.
Silver Shadow A 50/50 blend of dark and light grey (56 + 51)
44/56/60 Dark Grey A blend of a brown/grey mix, grey, and white.
92 Salt & Pepper Silver grey and medium brown blend. 95% grey in front graduating to darker even blend on sides & back
4456 Salt & Pepper Salt & Pepper lightly streaked. Slightly darker in back
Dark Smoke Grey Light charcoal with blue tint and dark roots.
52/38/49/R8 3 tones of brownish grays with brown roots.
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