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Evolution Collection Meet the Models

Evolution Collection Meet the Models

Logo : ev-o-lu-tion

Jon Renau's revolutionary Evolution Collection was developed specifically for women with permanent hair loss. The cap construction was created in collaboration with clients who have alopecia.

Meet the women who are models for the Evolution Collection's first two styles

Melissa's testimonial (Melissa is shown in the Spirit wig.)

Model Melissa Before image with no hairModel Melissa in Jon Renau wig - Spirit

I was diagnosed with alopecia areata at the age of 2. Alopecia has affected my life in many ways. It was very tough growing up - other kids were cruel to me because I was not like everyone else. But it made me a stronger person. I found confidence in myself once I accepted that alopecia is part of my life and that being different is OK.

I have fun with it now and change my hair with every outfit. I've become more positive about it, and I have confidence embracing who I am. Out of every 4,000,000 people, only one will have alopecia. Being rare is a good thing - it makes you original.

Wearing a wig helps me feel accepted in society, but I've worn horrible wigs most of my life - they never fit or looked right. Being a part of developing the Evolution Collection means a lot to me. It feels amazing to give feedback on this line, knowing it will help others in many ways.

Ashley's testimonial (Ashley is shown in the Courage wig.)

Model Ashley Before image with no hairModel Ashley in Jon Renau wig - Courage

I was diagnosed with alopecia when I was 25 - almost six years ago. Alopecia has effected every aspect of my life, from big things, like the way I perceive myself, to little things, like how long it takes me to get ready in the morning. Overall, alopecia has made me a much stronger person than I ever thought I could be, and grateful for being healthy and happy.

Wearing wigs is wonderful - they make me feel beautiful and most importantly NORMAL! I put my wig on in the morning and don't think about my hair or alopecia until I take it off in the evening. Having the ability to free myself from what makes me different is such a blessing.

Jon Renau has been a huge part of my healing and growing process since I lost my hair. I wanted to be part of creating the Evolution Collection so that other women with hair loss would know they are not alone in the struggle to feel "like themselves" again. It has been very special and fulfilling experience for me.

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