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Evolution Collection by Jon Renau

Evolution Collection by Jon Renau

Jon Renau's exclusive Evolution Collection represents years of research, investment and testing. It was created in collaboration with clients who have alopecia and was designed specifically for women with permanent hair loss caused by alopecia, and other medical conditions. The comfort details and advanced materials incorporated in the cap construction found in the Evolution Collection styles is the result of refining the Jon Renau's hand-tied cap design.

Cick on the images above to go to the product pages for Spirit,731 and Spirit,731* AND Courage,729 and Courage,729* (available in *RN colors)
Read the testimonials of the two young women, Ashley and Melissa, who are the models.

ElegantWigs recommends that you go to the Jon Renau website to view their very informative Evolution Education Video.
You must have the add-on Quicktime to play this video. Go here: QuickTime Download.


Evolution Collection's Cap Design

Jon Renau's Evolution cap construction is made of completely different materials than the average wefted and/or monofilament wig. These materials are designed not only to grip a bald head, but also provide breathability and stretch. Featuring a polyurethane perimeter that helps make the hairline look very natural while maintaining the cap's fit, strategically placed silicone patches at the front, crown, nape and sides within the interior of the cap ensures non-slip action without impeding scalp ventilation. Thus the Evolution wig can be worn with or without adhesive. Utilizing a very natural and delicate Swiss lace front along with Jon Renau's stretchable double-lace cap section create the appearance of natural follicular growth.

What You Will Need for the Proper Fitting of the Evolution Cap

The Evolution Customizing Kit for $49.95, must be purchase when buying an Evolution wig.


  • Measuring Standards / Size Chart
  • Care & Styling Card
  • Application&Customizing Instructions
  • Jon Renau Duo Tracing Pencil
  • Jon Renau Pinking Shears
  • Jon Renau Red Adhesive
  • Jon Renau Blue Adhesive
  • Lace Let Go � Adhesive
  • Remover

Additional Helpful Items:

  • Fabric Measuring Tape
  • Canvas Block Head
  • Elastic Hair Band
  • Plastic or Metal Hair Clips
  • T-Pins
  • Short Bladed Sharp Scissor
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Jon Renau | easihair Human Hair Care Kit
  • Boar-Bristle Round Brush
  • Paper Towels

How To Prepare Fitting the Wig


1. Measure your head following the measuring guidelines in the image to the right. It is very important that your cap fit well. The Evolution cap is designed for a "petite/average" head size.

2. Now, put on the wig and pull the Remy hair into a ponytail. You can clip any shorter layers if necessary. Check that the wig's ear tabs are level and its lace front is centered. Use a Jon Renau Duo Tracing Pencil to mark where you want to cut the hairline on the Swiss lace front. Also mark any areas of the polyurethane that need altering.


Customizing Your Wig's Hair Line

3. Remove your wig and turn it inside out. Using Jon Renau Pinking Shears cut the Swiss lace front along the line you marked earlier. To ensure an even pattern, line up the blades as you trim the lace.

4. Use regular, sharp, short bladed scissors to cut carefully along the markings on the polyurethane. Pull the Remy hair away while cutting the polyurethane.

5. Using a damp cotton swab, gently remove any markings left from the Jon Renau Duo Tracing Pencil.

6. To check for additional alterations, place your Evolution wig onto your head. Make sure the lace front matches your own natural hairline. If second adjustments are necessary, repeat Steps 2-5.

Applying the Adhesive

7. Remove the wig from your head; be sure your skin and the cap interior are clean and free of oils or makeup. The Jon Renau adhesive strips can be cut to a desired shape and size using small scissors. Apply the red adhesive strips to the polyurethane and blue adhesive strips to the lace front.

8. Remove adhesive strip backings and gently put the wig on your head. Check to make sure the wig is in the correct position before applying pressure to the adhesive strips. When the wig is centered and in the correct position, gently press on each strip from the outside of the wig and hold for 10 seconds. Finish any minor styling if needed.

To Remove Wig

9. First pull the Remy hair back into a ponytail or clip it away from the hairline. Lightly mist with 2-3 pumps of Jon Renau's "Lace Let Go" onto a cotton swab. While rubbing the cotton swab under the cap at the temples where adhesive strips are applied, gently lift up. Release both sides of the cap before releasing adhesive on the lace front.

10. After the adhesive strips are released at the temples, gently slide the cotton swab underneath the lace front, starting at its outer corners. BE MOST CAREFUL NOT TO PULL OR STRETCH THE SWISS LACE. It is very delicate. Continue to gently rub the cotton swab underneath the adhesive strip until it completely releases from the scalp. Now you can remove the wig from your head.

11. After gently peeling the adhesive strips from the cap's interior, discard them. To clean off any excess adhesive on the cap interior, mist 2-3 pumps of "Lace Let Go" on a small area of a paper towel and gently wipe off excess. Once clean of any adhesive, you can store the wig.

12. It is recommended by the manufacturer that the Evolution wig should be washed and completely dried after every 6-8 wears, as well as before long-term storage.


  • The manufacturer, Jon Renau, recommends using new adhesive for every wear.
  • For an easier removal process, use small pieces of adhesive strips.
  • Take special care to not pull or stretch the delicate Swiss lace front.
  • Before using any new products on your scalp perform a patch test by applying a small amount of the Jon Renau Lace Let Go, Blue or Red Adhesive, etc., to the skin on your inner forearm. If there is a reaction to the patch test, you may have an allergy or sensitivity to ingredients or the material itself.
  • The manufacturer, Jon Renau, does not recommend that you color or perm these Evolution Collection Remy hair wigs.
  • .

Care of Your Evolution Wig


  • Before washing your human hair wig, gently remove any tangles with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb.

  • Fill sink with cool water and submerge wig. Emulsify a capful of Jon Renau | easihair Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo into the Remy hair.

  • Gently lather the hair with shampoo while making sure that the hair is flowing in the same direction. DO NOT rub hair. You don't want to cause any tangling.

  • Rinse the wig thoroughly in cool water until the water runs clear.

  • Apply Jon Renau | easihair Argan Smooth Luxury Conditioner, while avoiding the base cap of the Evolution hand tied wig to prevent the knots at the base of the cap from weakening.

  • With fingers, gently work conditioner through the ends of the Remy hair for about 3-5 minutes.

  • Rinse the wig thoroughly in cold water until the water runs clear.

For Deep Conditioning with Jon Renau Products

  • Blend together about 1 Tbsp of Jon Renau | easihair Argan Smooth Luxury Conditioner with 3-5 sprays of Jon Renau | easihair Argan Smooth Treatment Mist.

  • Apply to bottom half of hair, using your Jon Renau | easihair wide tooth comb to distribute throughout ends, keeping away from the base.

  • Cover the Evolution wig with a plastic shower cap and leave the conditoner/ treatment mist combination in for a minimum of 20 minutes. For a more intense treatment, leave in overnight.night.

  • Rinse the wig thoroughly in cool water until water runs clear.


  • Wrap the Evolution wig in a towel and gently pat to remove all excess water.

  • DO NOT use a brush to detangle your Remy human hair wig while it is wet. Instead, carefully, with gentle motions, use your Jon Renau | easihair wide tooth comb to detangle.

  • If you wish, you can use products such as Jon Renau | easihair Argan Smooth Treatment Mist to speed drying time and smooth hair without weighing it down. Focusing only on the bottom half of wig, spray 3-5 pumps of the Treatment Mist on the clean, towel-dried hair.

  • You may also use a blow dryer on a medium to medium-high heat to style your Evolution human hair wig.

  • With a boar-bristle/nylon round brush, work through the hair with a downward motion to ensure the hair stays smooth. Start with small sections of hair at the nape. Blow hair dry completely, directing the hair in the shape you want to style it.


  • We recommended using professional grade heat styling tools with digital temperature settings to precisely control the heat.

  • Do not set your styling tools higher than 350 degrees F. Temperatures below 350 degrees F help maintain the integrity of the Remy human hair.

  • Spray the Jon Renau | easihair Heat Treat Thermal Spray on to each section while heat styling to protect the Remy hair. Starting at the nape, work in small sections between 1-2 inches wide.

  • Hair Spray such as Jon Renau | easihair Versatile 3-Way Hair Spray, works well to help hold a finished style. If your hair spray has an adjustable nozzle use "L" for low, "M" for medium hold, or "H" for high hold, depending upon your needs.

  • While curling Remy human hair, use small metal clips to hold each curl while cooling for a tighter, longer-lasting curl. For a looser, more natural looking curl, allow curls to hang while the hair cools.

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